UT Map: FT-DeepEnd

Level Designer

Game: Unreal Tournament

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Development Time: May - Jun. 2019 (7 weeks)

Team members: 8 developers 


FT-DeepEnd is available on the biggest UT server PHX Pheoneix Germany and most other populated servers.

My Responsibilities

  • Level layout design

  • Create a whitebox level functional with FreezeTag game mode

  • Playtest and improve the level with UT community audience

  • Set dress 2 major areas (during art pass)

  • Guide artists during set dressing

  • QA Bug fixing reported from UT community

  • Improve collision after art pass

  • Create streaming levels and do regular check-ups to prevent overlapping

Capture the points or team wipe your opponents

FreezeTag mode is an existing mode that can be found on Doom but not on Unreal Tournament, so a team of 8 decided to create one and create a custom map for it.

Design Goal:

  • Since we are working on a new game mode for Unreal Tournament, my goal was to create a unique map experience than the usual maps. I worked on the generic rock mountain theme to create an interior (blue team) and exterior (red team) symmetrical areas.

  • My target was to satisfy the current UT community which most of them are advanced player. So I delivered an advanced map.

  • Since the map is symmetrical, I made sure that the environment is recognizable and involves a unique element on each side.

  • I focused on adding lots of verticality levels that can be punishing for the players (Fall into a pit and ninja routes) .This is where players with good mechanical knowledge will stand out.

Level Layout

To support the game mode, my constraint was to create a symmetrical map with 5 capture point areas.

Since the map is symmetrical and divided into 2 teams, I had to keep balance between both sections by giving same advantage and disadvantage around 4 capture point. Middle capture point was an exception with balanced advantage point equally distributed around each entrance and exit point.

Each elevator and jump pad can be used combined with advanced mechanic to reach ninja routes. This map was specifically created for advance players (majority of UT community).

Medium armor, medium & small health packs were distributed around the capture points.


If a capture point for red team has more advantage then the blue team has more advantage over armor and vise versa.


Map Layout

Node map.png

Node Map


Map Collision

FT-DeepEnd is symmetrical with its flow and scale but not ecstatically as half of it is carved inside a mountain and the other half is in the open.

The generic rock theme made collision more complex and gave me a challenge to create custom collisions for the ceiling mostly.

It took me a week to perfect the collision with intensive playtesting and QA.

Set Dressing

Two areas were my responsibility to set dress


Blue Side - Cave

Blue Side - Circle


Screenshots provided shows whitebox (before) and final product (after) levels

Red Side - Spawn Point

Red Side - Connector

Blue Side - Connecter

Red Side - Cave

Red Side - Room

Blue Side - Room

Red Side - Circle

Center Area