The Slime King

My Responsibilities

  • Design 2 fully polished levels with art pass

  • Set dress both levels I worked on

  • Audio design for the entire game

  • Implement lighting in both levels I worked on

  • Playtest both levels and iterate upon feedback

  • Communicate closely with artists for assets and lighting

Level Designer

Game: The Slime King

Genre: Side-Scroll Platformer

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Development Time: May - Jun. 2018 (7 weeks)

Team members: 10 developer

[Y1]-[BLOCK D]-[SlimeKing] - Noah ten Oe

Play as The Slime King himself!

“The Slime King” is an arcade platformer. The game takes place in the sewers that is ruled by the slime king. Unfortunately, the mud monster invaded the king’s sewer and destroyed everything with his follower’s mud creatures. Your main goal as the slime king is to survive and find your way to defeat the mud monster and bring peace back to the sewers.

Levels Created

Level D

This level is available in the game under the name "Level D", it's the 4th level in the game. The progression goes from a destructive underground sewer level. Making your way upwards using the pipes as platforms. Level ends at the top right corner of the sewer level (entering a pipe to proceed to the next level).

Due to destruction the mud monster caused; pipes are placed everywhere in an unusual position / rotation which allows me to be flexible with platform placements and create various challenges.

Design Goal: 

  • Wanted to create an intermediate difficulty level using enemies (mud creatures) combined with platforming to create a challenging moment for the players by positing and timing their actions.

  • Made sure that the environment felt dangerous around each moment to keep the player engaged and immersed with the moments.

  • Made sure to create a unique and noticeable moments for the level environment and narrative that stands out from other levels.

Level E

This level was added later on as a stretch goal after finishing the game. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to add it to the final build. It was more for an extra practice for me because I learned more stuff and I enjoy create levels in general.

The progression of this level goes from the first sewer level into the ceiling (ground level) to the second sewer level.

Design Goal: 

  • Created the hardest level which was intermediate-hard to show what the game is capable of.

  • Created a pure vertical progression level by making the player go from one environment to another.

  • Support different playstyle and introduce new challenges.

  • Show different angles in the environment and give it memorable moments.