Project Exhibited


My Responsibilities

  • Malta trip research into villa architecture and private garden reference images (2000+ images) and create a summary document

  • Design a palazzo and garden for overall game content depending on research taken in Malta

  • Worked Closely with AI programmers to create level design tools which allows to create custom events

  • Worked on a part section of the level layout. Followed pipeline carefully by working closely with environment artists and complete level design tasks

Level Designer

Game: Project Exhibited

Genre: First-Person Stealth

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Development Time: Sep. 2019 - Jun. 2020

Team members: 33 developer



Worked on an extensive level design research for stealth genre on what the technical aspect for a level is, and what are the principles for a better level stealth design.

Developed a conclusion document were I gathered every important point found which can be also used as a level design checklist for creating a stealth level. This helped me and the team during our development from blockout phase till the last bit of polishing.


Another research I worked on was to study architecture, environment, feel, theme, etc... of our selected destination for Project Exhibited.

We arranged a group of 4 for a Malta travel to take reference images for the team.

My main focus was to study space and architect of Palazzo Falson and Villa Bologna private garden. I took over 2,000 photos and recorded videos.

Palazzo Falson Courtyard - Malta


Level Layout

I was responsible for horizontal slice feature team and in charge for creating a level layout for the palazzo and garden. Keeping real life reference relevant to the architecture and environment.

The layout was carefully created with the collaboration of other level designers and environment artists. And a lot of feedback from the rest of the team helped in better iteration.

3rd Iteration.jpg

Overall Horizontal Level layout


Level Design Tools

Worked closely with AI programmers and tech artists outsource to create and iterate on level design tools such as:

  • 3 different AI paths (Normal patrol, alert state patrol and custom event patrol).

  • Custom trigger box for AI that allows level designers to choose which destination they take and type of bark triggered with delay option.

  • Custom enemy spawner trigger box which allows certain AI to be triggered at an X location.

  • Trigger voice lines for player character connected with narrative level design.

  • Custom trigger event for camera and human AI in main area (such as Objective steal).

  • Integrate Nav modifier volume, Nav links, AI vision blocker, point of interest for AI, checkpoints, climbing,  and vaulting trigger boxes.

  • Implemented scaffolding with Houdini plug-in tool

  • Created and polished backdrop landscape, optimized it with the help of tech art.



Tools used in level editor


Scaffolding Implemented


Level Design Tasks

  • Architecture Pass: As my horizontal slice level design responsibility, I made sure the level layout shown above is translated into a blockout using modular pieces provided.

  • Moments Pass: Used gym level to create multiple moments for each areas I'm responsible for.

  • Blocking Pass: After assigning each level designer to a specific section, we re-built the level layout and changed it slightly to make it fit with out chosen moments created in a gym level.

  • Building Pass: Whitebox level, managed to clean all blocks by fitting modular pieces together properly with no Z-fighting issues. And sorted all pieces into a folder structure in editor.

  • Gameplay Pass: Added functional AI with all trigger boxes for climbing and vaulting, spawn point, main objective and escape areas. Full level is functional with a playable game loop.

  • Collision Pass: After proxy art pass, I was regularly going through the level to make sure collisions are correct and that props added don't interfere with gameplay. All issues were fixed on the spot.

  • AI Pass: All enemy AI (Human and non-human) were implemented correctly with updated script and new features. No game breaking bugs were present.

  • Art Pass: Made sure that environment art is in complete harmony with gameplay. This task was heavily dependent to work closely with selected environment artists.

  • Audio Pass: Due to no audio designer, I improvised and created my own computer generated audio to add to level design narrative and make AI look more sophisticated.

  • QA Pass: Worked closely with QA team to communicate all bugs and work immediately on fixing them with environment artists and AI programmers.



Screenshots provided shows whitebox (before) and final product (after) for areas I worked on