Potion, Pls

Level & Gameplay Designer

Game: Potion, Pls

Genre: Arcade

Platform: PC (with a custom controller)

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Development Time: Nov. 2018 (2 weeks)

Team members: 10 developer

My Responsibilities

Serve the magicians by combining the right potions

"Potion, Pls" was made during a game marmalade where we have 2 weeks to concept and produce a fully polished game. "Potion, Pls" is a puzzle arcade that is playable with a custom made controller (book).

In a magical world, you play as a magical vending machine that serves the magicians by combining potions for their desired recipe. There's up to 15 different recipes combinations from 3 different potion colors.

Game Design

The gameplay was inspired from rubik's cube. We took only 3 sides of the cute to make it suitable and fit our vending machine and theme.

Players can rotate each side of the vending machine via a rotary hardware installed on the book controller.

At the base of the potions. There are 5 different slots which are represented in roman numbers. These slots are the exit point for each potion mixed correctly.

There are a total of 3 different potion colors to mix. On each mixing, new potions generate again from the back of the vending machine.

Design Goal: 

I wanted to make sure that the gameplay is fun and has a different playstyle in every game loop. So, i made sure to balance out potion colors but it was challenging for me as there was an extra potion for a color (5-5-6).

My solution was to replace the extra color potion with another color potion (for example 6 blue potions are available, if one is consumed then it will be replaced by either orange or purple). This solution balanced out the gameplay well and it made it fair for the players to finish a level on time.

Prototype final.jpg

Book Controller


The custom controller was made from a used book we found in the Library. Built the controls on the right side and 3 pages of recipes on the left side, each page has its own page number bookmark visible at the bottom left.

image0 (1).jpg

Level Design

For benchmark level, I made a small game loop that consist of 3 different potions with up to 15 different combinations, distributed on 3 pages. Each page have 5 different combinations (first two are easy difficulty, third and fourth are medium & last one is hard).

The more similar colors are presented in a recipe the more difficult it becomes.

Players have 5 minute to complete all puzzle challenges. There are a total of 5 wizards waiting in-line at the vending machine (2 easy, 2 medium & 1 hard).

Design Goal:

I made sure the amount of puzzles and difficulty level is well distributed and fun to play without any noticeable repetition in every game loop. Which turned out very well and players enjoyed playing it multiple times in a session.


Recipe Pages


I designed the recipe book with the help of artists to create 3 different pages. Each page includes 5 different recipes that consists of easy, medium & hard difficulty.


Page 1


Page 2


Page 3