Cortex Cannon

Level & Gameplay Designer

Game: Cortex Cannon

Genre: Arcade Platformer

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Development Time: Dec. 2018 (2 weeks)

Team members: 10 developer

My Responsibilities


Use your laser beam to traverse & destroy enemies

"Cortex Cannon" was made during a game marmalade where we have 2 weeks to concept and produce a fully polished game. "Cortex Cannon" is an arcade platformer where you play as a brain trapped in a glass jar. You were kidnapped by the Soviets on planet Mars on an important mission. They extracted your brain from your body to gather data which also unintentionally gave you shooting laser powers.

Players progress through the level by using the shooting laser to traverse over platforms and take down enemies. Player's objective is to steal the high-tech armor suit from the soviet's base on Mars.

Game Design

Due to our limited time, I had to come up with a simple mechanic that has multiple functionality. So, shooting laser was best fit for our character and narrative served us well for movement and combat.


Player can shoot laser once mid-air which serves as a double jump. The way this works is by repelling the character on the opposite direction on shooting, same behavior for shooting enemies too. Also, moving objects (crates) was an addition to the game to create puzzle aspects which can be also combined with combat for level design.

Design Goal: 

I took scope and narrative into consideration while designing gameplay, kept it fun and minimal that will allow level designers to use few tool to create endless amount of content.

Level Design

For benchmark level, I included multiple type of moments that show different level of difficulty from platform traversing to puzzles to combat. It starts with learning basic mechanics and ends up with a complex all combined moments with environment to reach end goal.

Design Goal:

I loved working on this project and did my best to create something fun out of it. This level was played on stage in front of 100 people audience and everyone was impressed and loved the concept. Stakeholders liked the level a lot because it showed the game and player mechanic ability very well. They also commented that this game can have lots of potential in the future.