Colour Bound

Level & Gameplay Designer

Game: Colour Bound

Genre: Arcade Platformer

Platform: Android, iOS

Engine: Unity3D

Development Time: Sep. 2020 - Present

Team members: 4 developers

My Responsibilities

  • Design gameplay features

  • Balancing mechanics

  • Overall level design content

  • Overall system design

  • Design level editor tool

  • Design and improve on UX design

  • Develop a business plan structure

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Scrum master

Game History

Imagine Cup Contest By Microsoft

"Colour Bound" was first created in 2015. It all started when me and another designer joined the Imagine Cup 2015 nationals in Lebanon for fun. We ended up taking 1st place.

After the competition, we both decided to continue working on the project by improving gameplay, add more features, levels and polish art. We decided to participate in Imagine Cup 2016 in Lebanon, and surprisingly, we won 1st place again!


After seeing more people are enjoying our game, our next step was to publish it on Play & App store to reach our target audience. We ended up with over 18,000 downloads on both Android & iOS devices with a 4.7 star rating from over 700 users.

We were happy with the results and wanted to expand and improve the game further, but we faced some difficulty as we didn't have any artist or programmer that can help us. The game was set on hold.

Current Situation

During our studies in BUAS, we decided to continue working on "Colour Bound" so we joined 2 other members. Now we are 4 developers that consist of 2 designers, 1 artists & 1 programmer. This game was our graduation plan project for us all and now after graduation we are still working on it.

We are planning to release the game somewhere around Q4 2021.

Business Plan Structure


I've been involved in the entrepreneurship track program at Breda University (BUAS) to develop myself as an entrepreneur and Colour Bound's business structure model.

After completing the program, I was able to complete our team's mission / vision, competitive advantages, market analysis, trends, competition, SWOT, lean canvas & more.

Player Persona

One of the market analysis research made is the player persona where we describe our ideal player showing their interests, skills, preferences, types and taste map.

In order to create a successful product, we have to know who our target audience is, how can we target them and what they want.

Our goal is to create the best marketing campaigns to reach our target audience with lowest CPI possible.


Work Progress

Current Build State

We are currently in open beta phase gathering as much data possible to improve game's performance and design with the community. We are planning to release the game around Q4 2021. market.


Game Content

  • Planning on releasing 30 levels in total

  • Skins customization menu

  • Achievement system

  • Non linear level select system

Level Editor

A level editor feature that will allow players to create their own levels and share it with others. Players will have their own personal profile in the community hub menu.

Download the open beta on:

Android -


iOS -